RGB: Ray Gun Beam Virus for Paul Sharits - artistic software for the work by The WRO Art Center Team

Ray Gun Beam Virus for Paul Sharits at WRO Art Center

Ray Gun Beam Virus for Paul Sharits at Aula Gallery (Poznań/Poland, 18.11.2014)

The title of this installation refers to both Paul Sharits’s Ray Gun Virus (1966) and the method of creating a video image with a three-lamp RGB projector, in which each lamp corresponds to one of the three additive colors: red, green and blue, which comprise visible light. In this installation, the RGB projector is simulated by using three modern projectors and a signal split into these three components. In the installation space, when we block one of the components, our shadows combine the colors from the remaining two projectors; on the screen we can also see the camera image split into the component colors. The installation, which uses original programming and mapping designed by Paweł Janicki, responds to movement and sound (for example clapping or tapping), which activate further layers of manipulation of the image.