Interactive director of the T != T | SPACE by Małgorzata Kazimierczak

T != T | SPACE at WRO Art Center (part 1/3)

Interactive director of T != T | SPACE exhibition by Małgorzata Kazimierczak.

T != T | SPACE is an exhibition presenting series of works by Małgorzata Kazimierczak with interaction elements directed by Paweł Janicki. The exhibition was held at WRO Art Center.

The works presented in the exhibition are based on the theoretical texts on new media arts and cultural role of software (mostly texts written by Ryszard W. Kluszczyński and Lev Manovich). The texts are sequenced, transformed into database (concepts related to each other are transformed into a network of relationships), and available for the audience through gestural controled interactive interfaces and generative algorithms.

The exhibition is playing dilemmas associated with cracks between the theory and practice of art, but also creates - a literal way - a common synthetic area of practice and theory, each other commenters and - above all - coexisting.

T != T | SPACE at WRO Art Center (part 2/3)

T != T | SPACE at WRO Art Center (part 3/3)

T != T | SPACE at WRO Art Center - vernissage